Reading Comprehension Worksheets

What is Reading Comprehension and How Do We Improve It?

Simply put, reading comprehension is a general concept of how well a reader gets meaning from written text. This is the core competency of reading the goal is to take in information and give meaning to it. There are many different ways in which we can approach improving these skills. Like anything in this world, the more you do it, the better you will get at it. You often need to read and then receive feedback on how well you understood what you read. This is why we advocate for using these reading comprehension worksheets regularly. That is why we keep adding to inventory found here. It is also very helpful to work on increasing your vocabulary. This way when you come across words, they will not trip you up. It is also helpful to write question you may have about what you read. Is something missing? Did the author leave something out? You can assist yourself in this process by identifying the main ideas of the work and writing a simple summary about what you read regularly. We have explored strategies that may work for teachers and students here:

How To Improve Reading Comprehension

Quick Teacher's Guide to Teaching Reading Comprehension


We explore specific books and sub-sections of passages that help you better understand these works.

Fact or Opinion

Students learn how to pull meaning from what they read and better understand the motives of the writers.


Students learn all the elements of different types of work and how to recognize them.

Listening Skills

Students learn how to use their ears for more than just sun or eyeglass holders.

Reading Analysis

Learn to make predictions about what you read and explore key sections of a work.

Reading Passages (Primary Elementary)

These target the Kindergrade through second grade levels. Students work on their comprehension skills with well written passages and questions that follow.

Reading Passages (Upper Elementary)

These target the grade three through five levels. Include reading passages and matching questions and answer sheets.

Reading Passages (Middle School)

We keep your grade six through grade eight students engaged in these attention getting passages and question sets.

Story Development

The goal is to understand how things unfold along the way.

Working With Directions

Learn how not to only follow directions that were written by others, but also learn how to write your own for other people to follow.