Advanced Reading Worksheets

What are Advanced Reading Skills?

When students reach this level, they should have a solid understanding on how to phonetically process accurately and decode words with ease. The next step is to manage tougher vocabulary words that consist of multiple syllables and sounds. The vast majority of words fall into this category, but many readers that struggle have a great deal of difficulty managing these types of words. We are ready to take our skills to the next level by increasing accuracy and speed and making the overall process effortless. In order to learn the use of higher level vocabulary students need to have mastered decoding skills, this section focuses on that. The ultimate goal is increase overall comprehension and help youngsters not only remember what they take in but make sense of it in their own world. This section of our website focuses on building lasting skills that will help students push the needle in the right direction and become lifelong readers with confidence.

Author's Purpose

Students begin to diagnose the reason that an author created a work.


We begin to explore how to dissect conversations and exchanges between characters.

Fact or Opinion

Students learn how to validate what they read and become hawks of facts.


This is an exercise of using facts that are given and making sense of them.

Interpreting Poems

We make sense of some well known poems.

Main Ideas

We learn to quickly identify the main offerings of an author's work. We also learn how to compose our own.

Paragraph Review

We explore proofreading at the paragraph level. A great review skill for students.

Plot Sequence

Locate the main movements in the work that you are reviewing.

Research Skills

Students will learn the process and begin to write their own work by using research skills.