Appositive Worksheets

What are Appositives?

A noun that is used beside another noun to define it further and get it identified in the sentence, that noun is what we term as appositives. We can say that they are more like 'bonus facts,' which gets framed using commas. This is done only when the appositive does not provide any substantial information about the noun it is describing. There are two types of appositives: non-restrictive and restrictive. Usually, they are non-restrictive. It means that removing this 'bonus' information will not affect the sentence. Removing such appositives does not obscure the identity of the nouns the ae describing. Then there are also restrictive forms, removing them impact the noun it is describing. While we use commas to frame non-restrictive forms and may even use parathesis or brackets for this purpose, we do not use this when writing restrictive forms.

Find It

We work on recognizing them in sentences.

The Modifier

Circle the noun it modifies.

Putting Them to Work

Underline the noun in each sentence. Then rewrite each sentence, adding an appositive to rename the underlined noun.

Add Them

What is missing in each sentence?

Matching Exercise

You are given working examples to use as an example.

Make Sense?

Provide a noun that makes sense.

Restate It

You will be given an idea to work off of and you need to write your own sentence.

Adding Detail

Be sure to punctuate correctly.


Where do they reside in the sentence?

Direct Them

Write the sentences as directed. Underline the appositive and highlight the noun it renames. Punctuate correctly.

Add and Rewrite

You will be given a sentence and your need to rewrite.


Fill in the blank in each sentence with an appositive. Add appropriate punctuation.

Combining Sentences

Combine the two sentences into one sentence.

Match Up

Match each of the nouns below with the appositive that makes sense. Then write sentences that use each noun and appositive pair.

This Past Weekend

Write a paragraph about what you did this past weekend.