Independent and Subordinate Clause Worksheets

What are Independent and Subordinate Clauses?

Clauses in English grammar are parts of a sentence. There are different types of clauses. The two basic types of clauses are independent and subordinate clauses. To understand independent clauses, we can take the example of mature grown-ups. They are well-settled and live a life that is safe and in a balance. They are independent and need no external assistance to feel complete. It means that subordinate clauses read perfectly fine and are okay by themselves. Independent clauses contain a subject and a verb. Filling up your writing with too many independent clauses can break the flow of content and make it sound monotonous. Coming to subordinate clauses, they, unlike the independent clauses, are not okay when written on their own. They depend on external factors to portray meaning. They are like individuals who do not have a house of their own and usually crash on someone else’s couch. They are not mature and cannot support themselves. When written alone, subordinate clauses do not make sense and are a sentence fragment. Only after a subordinate clause attatches itself to an independent clause, it makes sense. These are, however, not useless. These clauses add a catchy and engaging tone to a sentence.

The Independent Clause

Underline the independent clause or clauses in each of the following sentences.

The Main Clause

Identify the word group by writing I for independent clauses and NI if not independent.

Add Them

Add an independent clause to make a complete sentence.

The Subordinate Clause

Underline the subordinate clause in each sentence.

Morning Exercise

Identify the underlined clause in each of the following sentences. Write SUB for subordinate clause and IND for dependent clause.

Find Them

Breakdown these sentences to identify each part.

Add Them

On the lines provided, add an independent clause to the subordinate clauses to express a complete thought. Don't forget to capitalize and use correct punctuation.

Once or Twice

Underline the Independent clause once and the dependent clause twice.

Complete It

Make the subordinate clause into a complete sentence by adding an independent clause.

Studying Sentences

Write two sentences about studying that contain at least one use of each type of clause.