Collocation Worksheets

What is Collocation in English?

A combination of words that frequently go together or that is probably going to happen together. In English, that is collocation by definition. A juxtaposition of words or different components, particularly those that generally co-happen. For example, let us say that someone is dead serious about something. The phrase ‘dead serious’ in this context is a prime example of collocation. In the general definition, collocation can simply be referred to as the close arrangement of things and the style they are put together physically. Collocations come arise with many different parts of speech. Verb collections seem to be the most commonly used in American English. Many of our widely used expression are formed in this way to such as "deeply regret" or "gone to great lengths".

Fill It

Use a verb from the box to fill in each blank.

Verb + Collocations

Match the verb on the left to the collocation on the right.

Verbs and Prepositions

Many collocations occur between verbs and particular prepositions. For, to, and on are common prepositions that are collocated with verbs. See how many collocations you can think of for each one

Common Uses

See if you can find the connection.

About, With, or From

Complete each collocation with about, with, or from.

Adverb + Verb

Complete each collocation below, using one of the adverbs in the box below. You may use any adverb more than once.

Noun | Noun

Complete each of these with a good bit of detail.


More work with our favorite part of speech.

In, Of, and At?

See how many you can dream up.


All of these are related to the one thing you can never turn back.

Preposition Match

Match the nouns to the correct prepositions to create collocations.


Fill in the blank after each word to create a collocation.

For | With

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

What Can You Catch?

How many more expressions can you think of that use the word catch? Complete each expression to fill in the blanks below.


How many more expressions can you think of that use the word get? Complete each expression on the lines below.