Homonyms and Homographs Worksheets

What are Homonyms and Homographs?

Even though your means of communication with people in the English Language, there are so many things that you are yet to understand about it. Seemingly, there are 26 letters in the language; there are infinite worlds and concepts that add to the language. For example, do you know what homonyms and homographs are? Let's take a look at them one by one; A homophone is a word that has the same sound as the other word. But it is spelled differently and has a different meaning as well. For example; two-too, wood-would, and prey- pray. A homograph is a word that is spelled like the other word. But it has a different sound and different meaning as well. For example; Sow, Close, Bass. Some of the most commonly used homographs are wind, founded, row, evening, tear, present, desert, fine, bass, and several others.

Practice Worksheet

Use one word from the word bank to answer each of the following questions.

Which Works Best?

You will now look for the right word to fill the holes.

Which Sentence?

Underline the sentence that has the same meaning as the original sentence.

Which of Two

Which sentence means the same thing?

Be Bold

Choose the best definition for each bolded term.

What Does It Mean?

Choose the best definition for each bolded term.

Word Bank

Which word fits both meanings?

Word Bank 2

Fill the hole with the right choice of words.

What Fits?

Which word will fit the meaning as well.

The Original

Which sentence matches the original intent?

Big Meaning

Which entry fits the best?

Last of the Series

This is the last one to go after.


In the following sentences, underline the homograph that matches the meaning shown.

Exercises 2

We have another go at this.

Word Sizzler

Find the word that sizzles in the sentence.

Cinderella's Ball

Where is that pesky word?

Measure Up

Underline the matching word.

Different Meaning

For each homograph write two sentences using the word. Each sentence should show one meaning of the word.

Sentence Creator

Use the word for inspiration to write sentences.

Two Ways to Do It

Take this word in two different directions.

Another Go

Write more sentences based on what you have learned.

Last Practice

This practice page should finish it off for you.