Homophone Worksheets

What are Homophones?

Homophones are the part of homonyms. These are the words those have different meanings but the sound or spellings are the same. We usually write them with two group but sometimes we make them with three or four groups. Entire meaning of the sentence changes due to the change in spellings. That's why you must identify and recognize what are the most common homophones. Examples: Wear, where | Waist, waste | Toe, tow | Flour, flower | Hear, here | Air, heir | Cell, sell | Aisle, isle. Why should you use homophones with care? If you use a cookbook recipe with incorrect homophones, you will make a moose for desert rather than mousse. Maybe it will be fine in some countries but, you can't represent a cup of moose at your neighbor's cocktail party. Misused homophones can destroy your any practical work if you follow the theory made by them. If you decide cook one meal but, you make it entirely different from the correct one, it will ruin all your efforts. Therefore, be careful while using homophones in your writing. Tips for correcting homophones - Follow these tips for avoiding the next homophonic disaster. Display a picture with a clear difference. Visualization help you in creating a difference between homophonic words. Use mnemonic devices. It helps us to solve the confusion between their, they're, there, too, to, it's, its.

The Choice

Choose a homophone from the word bank to complete each sentence.

Fill Up

What word best completes the sentence?

Complete It

Choose the correct word for each sentence.

Best Choice

Which of the two words is the best fit?

Two or Three?

Which of the two or three choices best fits the author's intent.

Contract It

Some of the words in here are contractions for you to work off of.

In a Sentence, Please...

Write the meaning of each homophone. Write a sentence using each word.

Example Intent

Write each homophone by the correct meaning then write a sentence using it.

Sound Out

You might need to say these aloud to yourself.

Draw It

Using pictures can always be helpful.

Give an Example

Why not take your time and put some thought into these.


Edit the paragraphs and correct any misused homophones.

Big Paragraphs

This can be a lengthy exercise.

Correct It

Edit the information below and correct any misused homophones.

Jimmy, It's Bill

Edit this letter using what you have learned.