Idiom Worksheets

What Are Idioms?

Idioms are expressions that meanings don't belong to the exact meaning of its words. For example;
Idiom - Let us paint the town red.
Meaning - Let us have a good time in red.
Idiom - A flash in the pan.
Meaning - Someone that show potential at beginning but fails thereafter.
You should assume the meaning of idiom Break the Ice different as per its usage. Another idiom is Jaundice Eye that means a person who has bias views. People see the whole community with the jaundice eye since they have some terrorist attacks. You can make your writing engaging and intuitive by using correct idioms. According to the rules, idioms don't express ideas more clearly but, they make your writing less stuffy and more succinct. If you are writing something for a multi-national audience, try to avoid idioms. It creates a sense of informality and reduce wordiness if you use it correctly. You do not have fixed rules or laws for idioms. If you want to better your idiomatic usage's knowledge, you should read more. There are hundreds of idioms available in the market. If you want to retain a good of them, you will need to practice for it a lot. If you want to locate the correct meaning of any idiom, you will need to think logically and contextually.


Use the provided context clues to determine the meaning of the bolded idioms

What's It Mean?

Use the surroundings to find what is missing.

In Your Own Words

Define each of the idioms in your own words.

Define It

You may need to research a few of these.


We explore common phrases.

In a Sense

Can you sense the meaning of these phrases?

My Advice

Use the provided phrase to give advice for each scenario.

What Would You Do?

Example: Sean continues to help his friend Jimmy even though Jimmy never helps Sean when he is in need. What advice do you have for Sean?

The Bank

Which phrase represents each situation?

Question It

Write a question to fit each of the provided idiom advices.


Explain your thought process here.

Last Practice

The last worksheet in the series.