Infinitive, Participles, and Participial Phrases Worksheets

What are Infinitive, Participles, and Participial Phrases?

In English grammar, there are three types of verbals. When verbs are used in a way that they lose their 'verb' properties, they are termed as verbals. The types include gerunds, infinitives, and participles. Gerunds are verbs that end with -ing. Gerunds usually function as nouns. Then there are infinitives and participles. The basic structure of a gerund is; VERB+(-ing) noun. Then there are the infinitives and participles. The infinitives are those where the base form of the verb is used with 'to.' Like gerunds, even these usually function as a noun, but in some cases, they may also act adjectives or adverbs. The participles are the form of verbs that are used as adjectives. It takes up all adjective properties, such as describing nouns. The verbs that end with -ed, -ing, -en, or -t are participles. The basic structure of a participle is; VERB + ending. The usage of participles is not a compulsion for completing a sentence. The participial phrases always begin with a participle, and the whole phrase acts as an adjective in the sentence. They are not needed in a sentence and are often used to add some bling to it. Using commas with participial phrases is necessary. Here is how the comma needs to be placed in a sentence using the participial phrase; - Participial Phrase, SENTENCE. Sentence starts. -Participial Phrase, the rest of the sentence. - Sentence Participial Phrase.

The Infinitive

Underline the infinitives in the following sentences.

Infinitive 2

Underline the infinitives in the following sentences. If there are no infinitives in the sentence, write none after the sentence.

Find It

This is a reverb of the previous worksheet.


Find that key phrase in each sentence.

Where Is It?

Find where it is in the mix of the sentence.

Highlight It

Circle or highlight each participle used as an adjective in the following sentences.

Participles and Participial Phrases

If the participle is part of a phrase, underline the complete participial phrase.

Highlighters Help

Where would you locate this in the work?

Long Form

Look within the passage to find exactly what you are asked for.

Put It Together

Write a complete sentence using the provided participles.