Personification Worksheets

What is Personification?

The figure of speech is personification in which ideas and human qualities express. It is also a type of metaphor in which authors attribute human characteristics to non-living things. In this way, you will add motion and life in the story with inanimate objects, abstract ideas, and animals. As a result, readers can easily identify human emotions and behaviors. You will find personification in kids' literature as a literary device and figurative language's usage. You can understand it by an imagination that you have written in the story. Students also get knowledge about non-living behaviors, as there is no behavior at all. They neither feel, think, behave like human beings. But there are lots of personified characters that we will see in novels, plays, and movies. The reading about personified non-living characters is influential, funny, interesting, creative, and effective. With this, you can get ideas for preparing different concepts for your up-coming story and make a striking point to attract more and more readers for your book or column. That machine is running too fast. I like carrots, but they don't who I am? A book's cover does not define a person's character. My internet runs too fast. Usage of power verbs - You can use these words in different situations especially they are best for academic writing, job interviews, and resume. Consider the following before using power verbs. Know what is the exact meaning of power verb that you want to use. There is no space for a mistake especially while writing resume. Search dictionary or use internet for different examples. Find someone that can check your work either you have written power verb sentences correct or not.

Make It Human

Choose one of the objects pictured below. What are four things that humans do that could be applied to the object you chose?


Complete each sentence, personifying its subject.

Recognizing It

In each sentence, identify what is being personified and what is happening that makes the sentence an example of it.

Find It

Circle the thing that is being personified in each sentence.

Writing With Personification

Write verbs that describe human actions that could be applied to different objects.

Be Creative

Think of an object you would like to describe using personification. Write a few sentences about what the object is doing and why. Draw the object.

Verb Uses

Fill in each blank with a verb that shows personification.

Sentence Work

Use each idea to write a sentence using personification.


Use each picture as inspiration to write a sentence that uses personification.

Personify It!

Write a sentence that personifies each object, using the verb provided.

How Human?

Explain what has human qualities in the sentences.

In a Sentence

Practice using personification by personifying each thing provided in a sentence.

Personification in Poetry

Read the assignment. Answer the questions.

My House Is Filled With Personality

Write a sentence personifying the object in each phrase below.

Label It

Read each sentence below. If the sentence uses personification, write "P" on the line. If it doesn’t use it, write "none" on the line.