Analogy Worksheets

How to Learn Analogies

A verbal analogy that is often found as a segment or part of an aptitude test is a way of expressing or explaining a certain phenomenon by relating it to another. "As busy a bee" or "as light as a feather" can be a couple of examples for analogies. In simple words, analogies try to compare two different things that might have a few common traits. By making one subject a point of reference that the audience is aware of, the other subject is explained, which is unknown to the listeners. Learning analogies is not that difficult; you have to start making a habit of using it in your routine communication. All you need to do is while trying to explain a certain phenomenon, think of something that can relate to that phenomenon. Use one of the subjects, try to relate it to the other subject, and explain the first one with the help of the other.

Matching Them

Pick two equivalent analogies.

Matching 2

More of the same is here for you to work on.

Test Prep Match

The same test prep like questions once more for you.

Identify Something Similar

Which two mean the same thing?

I Knew It

Which pairs are almost the same thing?

Explaining Them

Complete each analogy by writing the correct word on the blank line.

Bring Them To Words

Which word fits the comparison and then, tell why you chose each word.

Pick and Explain Them

Choose one of three words to complete the statement and then explain it.

Finish It Off

See which word makes the most sense to you and then explain why.

Last One

The last one where we ask you to pick a word and then just explain why it was the best fit.

Fully Open

Complete each analogy by writing the correct word on the blank line.

Create Analogies

This one is only left up to your imagination.

In My Mind...

This is a nice way to begin critical thinking activities.

What Makes Sense?

Example: Doctor is to stethoscope as photographer is to ____________.

Crowns and Kings

All these analogies look at things that are seen to be top dog in their own right.