Cause and Effect Worksheets

How to Determine Cause and Effect

If we talk about the relationship between causes and effects, the first thing that probably comes in our minds is our existence and the existence of this entire universe. The example of existence can be the best way to describe the relationship between causes and effects. The very existence and expansion of this universe depend upon the big bang that happened millions of years ago. In this example, Big Bang is the cause, and the existence and expansion of this universe is the effect. When you wake up in the morning for work or college, it is usually due to the alarm that was ringing beside your head. Again, the alarm is the cause, and you waking up was the effect. The relationship of cause and effect can be seen in a lot of events happening around us daily. We are surrounded by events and happenings that are based on this phenomenon.

Sentence Breakdown

Write the cause and effect for each sentence.


Break apart sentences such as: The bucket's handle broke and then the water spilled from the bucket.

Test Me

Which part of sentence sets this off?

Identify Something Similar

Which two mean the same thing?

Where Did You Get That?

Which part of sentence sets off in its own direction?

Split Them Up

You will need a red and blue pen for this one.

The Red Cause

Read each sentence. Determine the cause and underline it in red and determine the effect and underline it in blue.

The Blue Affect

These are slightly larger sentences to work with.

Finish It Off

See which word makes the most sense to you and then explain why.

Last One

Break this sentence into the two parts that matter for it.

What Is the Other Side?

You are given a cause, dream up an effect and then put it all together in a sentence.

Be Creative

This is a chance to spark your imagination.

The Kids and Agatha

Some great causes to build up off of.

Think Things Through

Which makes the most sense for you to put together.

My Last Thoughts

See if everything feels better and put it all together.

Make Me Right

Read the cause and then write an effect. Then write a complete sentence that includes both the cause and the effect.

Sentence Breakdown

You can write short examples.

What Caused It?

Locate it within each sentence.


Match the cause on the left with the effect on the right. Then rewrite each cause and effect as a sentence.

Show Understanding

Read each sentence. Match the sentences that go together. Then rewrite them into the table below, putting the sentences in to the correct columns.

Sentence Writer

Which thought fits the best?

What Happened? Why Did It Happen?

Read each sentence. Answer the questions.

Picture It?

Write a cause and effect sentence to go along with each picture.

Identifying and Drawing Them

Read each sentence. Underline the cause. Draw a picture of the effect.

Circle and Underline

Determine the anatomy of this sentence.

My Match Up

Match up each sentence (the cause) with its effect (the picture). Then write a sentence for each pair.


Unscramble the sentences to match the causes with the right effects.

Work It Up

Start off with one part and build it up to another.

Find the Effect

Where is it in each sentence?

Sentence Smash

Build something from nothing in each case.

How to Write with Cause and Effect

Writing consists of powerful words, a sensible flow that brings life to your story so that the reader can read it well. As we need a proper recipe with all the necessary ingredients, the author will have to build an appropriate structure for story writing. Writing with cause and effect are the core elements.

Structuring the story timeline with cause and effect must include everything that you are going highlight. The explanation that you are going to convey depends on the word count of your writing material. First of all, you will categorize your story into parts that are; Topic, Introduction, Body, Explanation, Conclusion.

It is the fundamental way of writing paragraphs, stories, with cause and effect. Start your work with brainstorming and webbing whatever comes to your mind related to the topic you want to prepare. It will consist of related words. Then, you will move towards the introduction that will be the cream of your writing cake. You describe something little that will associate with the introduction. An explanation will consist of your message that you want to convey. A conclusion will be the remainder of what you had taught in the introduction.