Demonstrative Worksheets

What are Demonstratives?

There are a variety of different parts of English grammar that one needs to understand to be able to craft sentences that make sense. A part of these sentences is the demonstratives. Demonstratives are those part of the sentence that points towards a noun. It is often used to get rid of repetition in a literary piece. Demonstratives are pronouns or determiners that help a writer refer to the subject without worrying about repetition. There are four types of demonstratives, these include near, far, singular, and plural. 'this' and 'these' are the near demonstratives. 'that' and 'those' are the far demonstratives. The singular demonstratives, 'this' and that,' and the plural demonstratives are 'these' and 'those.'


They can indicate something that is either near or far away in distance or time.

Choose The Right One

Nine sentences to complete with four words that are your goal.

Final Touches

Complete each sentence with this, that, these, or those.

Underline and then Fill

Find where these words will finish you up.

The Thoughts...

Underline the idea that the demonstrative pronoun refers to.

Thought Of It

I wish I could find where everything comes together here.

Pronoun or Adjective?

Indicate whether it is being used as a pronoun or an adjective.

Clarifying Demonstratives

You may use this, that, these, or those as an adjective (followed by a noun or noun phrase). Rewrite only the second sentence.

Write with Them

Rewrite each sentence, replacing the subject.

This Weekend

Write a paragraph about what you did this past weekend.

The Second Sentence

Rewrite the second sentence in each pair.

As Adjectives

Choose the correct adjective from above to complete each sentence.

Complete the Cycle

Which word will finish up the sentence?

Demonstratives Practice

Indicate whether the demonstrative is being used as a pronoun or an adjective.


Which demonstratives indicate something that is close to the speaker in distance or time?