Determiners Worksheets

What are Determiners?

In English grammar, there are many terms and concepts that people need to develop and understand. Without a proper understanding of these concepts and rules, people cannot write quality sentences that make sense. While people mostly focus on nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs while writing sentences, there are other parts that complete a sentence and give it a meaning. Determiners are also part of a sentence. Determiners are 'words that introduce nouns.' Some examples include, The dog went home. I ate the chocolate cake. The metal cans are recyclable. It is important to note that determiners are not necessary to use. The last example can also be written without one; metal cans are recyclable. There are different types of determiners, and these include articles, demonstratives, quantifiers, and possessives.

Complete Sentences

Choose from the following determiners to complete each sentence.

From the Box

We review a huge different series of words with this series.

When and How to Use Them

We look at all the different parameters that we need to see here.

Of the Three

Pick from the three different words to complete the sentences.


More than one answer may be possible. Choose a word that makes sense.

Say How Many

Complete each sentence with a quantifier. Choose from those listed above.

Picture That

Write a sentence about each picture that uses a determiner.


Where is the show of possession in these sentences?


Find all of them in the sentences.

Picture Me

Write a sentence to you with each picture to say who the object in the picture belongs to. Imagine that one of the people in one of the pictures is you.

Which Word

Pick the word that would finish off the sentence.

This or That?

Use this to talk about something that is close in distance or time. Use that to talk about something that is far away in distance or time.

Picture Me

Which word would go with the picture.

Visual Help

Complete each sentence with these or those. Use the pictures as clues.

Review Match

Which of the words would finish this up for you?