Direct Object Worksheets

What are Direct Objects in a Sentence?

Transition verb refers to the action that moves across to an action's verb to a receiver that is our object. It has two types, and one type is the direct object. Do you know what direct objects are? Let's take a look! Direct objects are clauses, pronouns, phrases, noun. Ask questions such as verb whom or verb what including verb to identify the direct object. We can say direct objects a gerund or an infinitive phrase. Direct object can also be a noun clause. Let's take a look at some examples; Jan drinks coffee. She likes baking very much. Ann is late.

Work Off It

Underline the action verb in each sentence.

Finish Off the Sentence

Identify it and write it on the line.


In each sentence, underline the verb that shows the action.

Find It All

Where in the sentence would you locate them?

Action Verbs

Write the direct object on the line.

Fill It Up

Complete each sentence with a direct object.

In My Sentence

Read each sentence. Identify whether or not the underlined word is the subject, action verb, or direct object of the sentence. Write your answer on the line.

Action Packed

Which word would best receive the action that is indicated.

Check the Box

Identify the underlined word or words in each sentence. Check the box next to the correct answer.

Writing Sentences

Write two sentences for each item. In the first sentence, use the item as the subject. In the second sentence, use the item as the direct object.

Make It Direct

Beef up these sentences.

Writing Sentences

Write them in any order that you choose.

Two of Me

Which word does it?

Finish the Line

Which line would finish it up for you.

Find It

Which word in the sentence are you looking for.