Imperative Worksheets

What are Imperatives?

When we give orders, warnings, commands, or instructions to make a request, you will use imperatives. It will be more useful when you have to use the word 'please'. Indicative, subjunctive, and imperative are the three types of English language's verb. Without using 'to', we will use the verb's infinitive to make the imperative. For example, sit down please! Yes, come in! You will use negative contracted and expanded form of 'do' before verb in a sentence like Do not Shout! Do not jump on the sofa. In many cases, we use imperative sentences where the subject is missing. So, we have to start sentence with verb. If you are writing a sentence in directed form, you will consider yourself a subject of that sentence. The meaning of the sentence verb will be an affirmative form so you will have to write in an affirmative sentence. The usage of affirmative help us to direct something through our writing or encourages the action in literature form. But, in such cases, the sentence will be negative as it indicates there is no incident or wish expressed in a sentence. For example, Do not eat my mangoes! Do not wait for the parcel. Do not talk to me!

You Understood

A sentence has both a subject and a verb. In an imperative sentence, the subject is "you," but you don’t usually actually say or write "you."

It's Imperative!

Underline the verbs in your sentence that go with "you understood."

Examples Up!

Write an imperative sentence to answer each prompt.

Picture That

Write a sentence to complement each picture.

Turning Questions into Orders

Rewrite each interrogative sentence.


Force these into being commands.

Picture Matches

Look at each picture. Then add a verb to complete each sentence, based on the picture that matches it.

What Does The Picture Say?

See if you can determine the thought of each sentence.

Complete Me

Complete each sentence below by adding an imperative verb at the beginning.


Write six sentences that you hear regularly.

Around the House

What goes with each of the pictures?

Declarative or Imperative?

Determine if each sentence is declarative or imperative.

The "Bossy" Verbs

When might you need to use an imperative verb?

Speech Bubbles

Write an imperative sentence inside each speech bubble.

Sentence Reads

Circle whether it is declarative or imperative.