Infinitive Worksheets

What are Infinitives?

The infinitive is the base or most simplistic form of the verb. This means that t completely lacks a form inflection or tie to a specific subject. They often lack the presence of a tense which makes them often appear to be in the present tense. They are relatively easy to spot because they are often stated in to + the verb form. Once spotted they are not all that easy to understand the nature of the relationship to the other words in the sentence. In the most common usage infinitive verbs serve as the direct object and the modifier serves as the adverb. In this series of worksheets and lessons we will learn how to identify infinitives within pre-written sentences and work on using them in our own writing.

What Is the Purpose?

Underline the infinitive in each sentence. On the line, write whether it is being used as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb.

Recognizing Game

Work on spotting them in sentences.

Where Are They?

See if you can understand where they are within prewritten sentences.

Circle of Five

Circle the five infinitives in the word cloud. Use each one in a sentence.


Rewrite each interrogative sentence.


An infinitive phrase is an infinitive with modifiers or a compliment that all act together as a single part of speech.

Picture Sentences

Look at each picture. Write a sentence to go with each picture.

Be Proper

Complete each sentence with the proper form of the verb provided.

Is it There?

Read each sentence. Does it contain an infinitive? If yes, underline it. If no, put an X through the number of the sentence.

Writing with Them

Rewrite each set of sentences below so that they are a single sentence that includes an infinitive.

Nouns, Adjectives, & Adverbs

Write three sentences using infinitives as adjectives, adverbs, and nouns.


We learn how to decipher the use of the word in a sentence.

Donut Holes

Plug the hole with the perfect word.

Don't Split Them!

Rewrite each sentence to correct the split infinitive.