Interrogative Worksheets

What are Interrogatives?

Interrogatives are sentences in which a writer asks a question. Our words represent in a clear sense when an author or speaker transforms into questions. Verbally, we need a specific tone for expressing questions. In writing, we need a particular sign that is interrogative to show that writing is asking the reader. It also expresses a conversation between characters. The rules of English language categorize interrogative sentences into four forms; We use interrogative sentences in the form of YES or NO. We can use them as alternative interrogative sentences. We can also express interrogative sentences into WH form of asking questions. You will see interrogatives as tag questions. Consider these examples of interrogative sentences for YES or NO type for better understanding. John, can you spare or spend a dime? Are to give exams? Did Alex take his medicine this evening? Do you have your meal ready? Did you go to the game Saturday night? You will use the answer to the above questions in the form of YES or NO. Declarative sentences are also the name of interrogative sentences. These are the sentences in which we use a question mark (?) at the end of the existing sentence.

Is It So?

Circle the correct ending punctuation for each sentence.

Declarative to Interrogative

Write a question that might be answered by each sentence.

Writing Questions

Write an interrogative sentence about each topic. Be sure to punctuate correctly.

Sentence Hunt

Read each sentence below. If it is a question, put a question mark (?) on the line. If it is a statement, put a period (.) on the line.

Sentence Scramble

Unscramble the sentences below to form questions. Write each unscrambled sentence on the line. Use correct punctuation.

Make It a Question

Rewrite each sentence so that it is a question.

Word Order

Rewrite each of the following sentences as a question. Change the word order and/or the form of the verb as necessary.

Using Question Words

Write an interrogative sentence that begins with each question word.

Question Writing

Write an interrogative sentence about each topic. Be sure to punctuate correctly.

Declarative or Interrogative?

Add the correct punctuation to the end of each sentence. On the line, write whether the sentence is declarative or interrogative.

Classify It...

Add the correct punctuation to each sentence. Decide whether it is declarative or interrogative. Write your answer on the line.

Which is the Interrogative?

Circle the sentence in each pair that is a question.

Take Turns

Pair up with a classmate. Take turns asking each other questions that begin with the questions words below. Write the questions you ask down on your paper. You should each ask one question using each question word.

Statement or Question?

Read each sentence. Circle whether it is declarative or interrogative. Punctuate it.

Writing Questions

Write a question to go with each picture. Be sure to punctuate correctly.