Metaphor Worksheets

What are Metaphors?

In the easiest words, metaphors are like illustrations with words; words that compare things that might not even be paired under normal circumstances. Simply put, metaphors are a part of speech that contains an implied comparison. With these metaphors, the readability and clarity of a sentence get much better. The sentence also gets more effective to read. For example; The curtain of night fell upon us. In this metaphor, the evening did not turn into a velvet curtain. Instead, simple words are being used to paint a colorful picture. Now, we know it is nighttime, but it’s been written in a manner that alludes to how quickly night arrived with the kind of darkness that comes from closing a thick curtain.

Spot Them

Underline the metaphors in the passage.

Be Descriptive

Create a metaphor to answer each question. Then explain each of them. Why did you choose this particular comparison?

Making Sense

Underneath each sentence, write what the metaphor means in the context of that sentence.

To Be

Explore how figurative language that is used to directly compares two unlike things.

Make Comparisons

Underline the metaphor in each sentence below. Then identify the two things that are being compared.

Incorporating Them

Rewrite each simile as a metaphor.

Express Your Thoughts

Find a way to heighten your thoughts further.


Identify the second thing that is being compared in each sentence.

Describe Something

What best describes your choice?

Picture Work

Explain your thoughts on the metaphor.

My Dog Is...

Read the poem aloud. Answer the questions.

What Does Friendship Mean to You?

How many metaphors can you create about friendship?


Explain the meaning of each sentence.

That's Life

Each sentence contains a metaphor about life. Identify what life is being compared to.

What Power...

When you assign the qualities of one thing to another thing that is essentially very different, you create a thought process.