Root Word Worksheets

What Are Root Words?

These are real words by which you can make latest words with the addition of suffixes and prefixes. We also change their meaning while using root word as a basic one. For instance, if there is a word ‘Employ’, we can make a new word with this word such as employer, employee, employed, etc. Here, meanings and spellings of these new words are interlinking together. In this way, you can learn both the meaning and the spelling of a word. Also, we call the link between the root words is like a word family. Root words are like those words that need chunks of different parts for their formation in one word. We can call root words as compound words. The example of root words is; Root word - With Prefix - With a Suffix added | Lingual - bilingual | Astro - astronomy | Mature - immature - maturity | Happy - unhappy - happier, happily | Legal - illegal - legalize, legality | Normal - abnormal - normalize, normality.

Find the Root

Break down these words for us.

It Is In There!

You make new words from a root word by adding letters to the front (prefixes) or back (suffixes) of it.

Pick at It

Pick apart all those words to find what you need from it.

Base Up

Read the words in the first column. Cross out the suffix to find the base.

Word + -er

Add the suffix -er to each base word. Write the new word on the line.

Word + -s

Time to give the -s suffix a spin.

Adding Suffixes

For each root word below, add the suffixes indicated to create new words. Write the new words on the lines.


Identify the root in each word and write it on the line.

The Suffix -ing

Add the suffix -ing to each base.

Prefixes & Suffixes

Does the original word have a prefix or a suffix?

Three Words

Find the root word that is in all three words and write it on the line.

Which Is Rooted?

Take a crack at these two words.

Been Added

Write the prefix and the suffix that's been added to each base.

Recognizing It

Find the root word in each word and write it on the line.

New Words

See how many new words you can make from the bold words by adding prefixes and suffixes.