Sentence Structure Worksheets

What is the Proper Sentence Structure?

A well-written sentence is one that is appropriately punctuated, grammatically correct, and has a precise meaning. The secret to good writing is the variation and mixture of the sentence types within your written work paragraph. There are four different types of sentence structure. These series of worksheets will explore each form. Simple form consists of just one independent clause. Compound forms consist of two or more independent clauses. Complex sentences consist of an independent clause and one or more dependent forms. The most intricate form is referred to as a Compound-Complex. These sentences have two or more independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses. Another thing that adds up in a proper sentence structure is the length of the sentence. A sentence must consist of clarity and concision and should not be more than 20 to 25 words. The more precise the verdict is, the easier it is for people to understand you.

Making Sentences

Put each set of words in order to make a sentence.

Get It Together

A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought.

Structuring Them

Write a sentence based on each picture.

Simple and Compound

Identify whether each sentence is simple or compound. Write simple or compound on the line.

Compound or Complex?

Write compound or complex on the line.

Does It Express A Complete Thought?

A complete thought contains at least a subject and a verb.

Silly Is Ok

Construct sentences by choosing one word from each column and adding articles to connect them.

Picture That

Jump and Hop around the subject.

Subjects and Predicates

Identify the complete subject and the complete predicate. Then draw a line between the complete subject and the complete predicate.

Missing Parts

Add a subject or a predicate to turn each set of words into a sentence.

Adding Modifiers

We work on adding the adjective(s) or adverb(s) in parentheses to form new thoughts.

Shows Relationship

We work on complex forms that will signal to the reader that the sentence in parentheses is the most important.

Create Compounds

Each sentence below contains two independent clauses that are not joined correctly. Rewrite the incorrect sentences and join the independent clauses correctly.

Work Forms

We ask you to create complete thoughts using each of the four forms.

Subject, Predicate, or Conjunction?

What is it missing? Write it on the line.