Subjunctive Worksheets

What are Subjunctives?

In English grammar, when a person has to express something they desire or imagine, they use the English subjunctive. It is a rare form of a verb that refers to events that have not taken place and are not certain. This is commonly found when we are exploring hypothetical situations. They are used when a writer wants to depict something they want to happen, anticipate that will happen, or imagine something happening. The places where it is used include that-clauses, as if…, as though…, if… clauses, If I were you, set phrases, and at the head of the clauses. In the selection of sheets, you will find below we examine how to identify and use this form of articulation in our own writing.

The Present

Match the first half of each sentence with its second half.

In the Now

Circle the correct verb form to complete each sentence.

Correcting the Present

Underline the mistakes in each sentence. Correct each sentence by rewriting it with a present subjunctive verb.

Put It to Work

Fill in the blanks with the words from the box.


Use the present subjunctive to answer the prompts.

Complete Review

We review all the skills that we have learned so far.

Past Mood

Match the sentence parts.

Unmix Them

Unscramble the sentences. Write them correctly.

The Past

Rewrite the sentences using the second conditional.

In the Past

Write an original sentence using each verb.

Past Practice

Answer the prompts in the given form.

Subjunctive vs. Indicative

This is a follow along lesson where you compose six fresh sentences of your own.

Present and Past Review

A great activity to show what you have learned through these exercises.

Circle It

Circle the correct verb form to complete each sentence with the subjunctive mood.

Changing the Moods of Verbs

Read each sentence. Create related sentences as directed by changing the mood of the verb.