Symbolism Worksheets

What is Symbolism?

Symbolism provides symbolic meanings to highlight the qualities and ideas that are different from their actual sense. There are various forms for representing multiple objects to provide them another purpose. It indulges deep understanding and makes your writing more engaging. Those who have a symbolic value use an action, a word, or an event, etc. Similarly, if we talk about the person standing with a slight distance creates a scene of affection and lovely emotions for you. Symbols depend on the story context that we use in our writing for a variety of meanings. It includes a chain, stands for the union, and the imprisonment, etc. With symbolism, you will have a purpose that signifies the object's sense or feel and action’s understanding of the writing material. You will then have a clear idea about when, where, and how you can use the symbols in your subject matter in your style. It also depends on what type of reader is reading your writing material, such as stories, blogs, articles, novels, papers, books, etc. Symbolism and common examples - Dove or a white color symbolizes peace. Red-colored materials symbolize love. Black is a sign of conflict, tension, evil, or death. Ladder symbolizes the way of walking between the heaven and the earth.

Poetry and Fiction

Consider each common symbol below. Then explain what the object symbolizes.

What is It?

Conduct research as needed to identify what each aspect of the American flag represents.


This organizer helps you chart a story.

A Christmas Carol

As you read the story, keep track of the symbols that you encounter.


What do you think each of the colors below might symbolize? Have you read anything that used these colors symbolically?

Literature Passages

See what you can identify in these various reading passages.


As you read the assignment, note the symbols that you encounter.

The Great Gatsby

Explain what each symbol in the novel represents.

Colors of Emotions

What emotion does each color elude to?

What Do You Know About It?

A nice short topic review for students.

Revising for Symbolism

Read the first draft of your story. Have you written about any items, objects, or colors that are or could be used symbolically in your story?

In Stories

Consider each of the abstract ideas below. Can you think of an object that could work as a symbol in a story that has this as a theme? Write your ideas on the line.

The Hunger Games

Discuss how each of the items below functions as symbol in the novel The Hunger Games.

Great Expectations

What is the symbolic meaning of each item?


We ask you to break apart a Wordsworth poem.