Making Inferences Worksheets

What are Inferences?

Interference is a process in which we draw a conclusion from supporting evidence. With interference, you go beyond the evidence and get an access to further conclusion. When we say the things mentioned below, we draw interferences all the time.
I did not talk to Jackson. He said he was tired, so he must have gone home to sleep.
Anna's has been at the cooking expert's institute; she must be trying to cook everything perfectly.
Kitty is a cat, and all cats love belly rubs. So, Kitty should love belly rubs. Such type of interference is the foundational building blocks of all arguments. While reading literature, we can make inferences. Author connects our mind and concepts with the story tone. Also, they make use able to figure out things based on that sort of evidence. Authors imply and we (readers) infer. Only for simplicity, we focus on the interference process rather than the implication method. The poor or perfect status of interference relies on the level of its logic. The first example of interference should be pretty good, second will be bad, and the third will be good or satisfactory.

Multiple Choice Version 1

Read each sentence and choose the most logical inference.

Version 2

On the blank below the sentence, tell why that inference makes sense.

Super Practice

Which one make the most sense?

My Facts

Which sets you in the right direction for yourself?

Put It Down

Use your best judgement to understand which of these works is important for you.

Susie's Parents

What do you think is going on at Susie's house?

Robert and Mom

It was almost four o'clock and Robert was hungry.

Anna and Sam

Draw a picture of what Anna and Sam are doing.

Dr. Doug

What you think Dr. Doug does for a living?

Tina and her Big Sister

Tina's sister borrowed their parents call and drove to the mall.

Paul and Tim

Both boys started running in place and then did jumping jacks.