Main Idea Worksheets

How to Determine the Main Idea of a Text

Writers write stories and lesson-based materials for the major understanding various aspects. They show the core idea of the directly in the text they have written. You will have to find it out by reading the entire story. You will get it somewhere in the middle of the first paragraph. You can find it in the last paragraph. Finding the main idea of the text is the best practice of learning how to write a moral based story. It will tell you how express your ideas to your readers. You will have to engage them by using powerful and influential words. You can mention it in the beginning of the paragraphs, and you can give it in the end of the paragraphs. In the middle, you will find the related explanation if you go through other professional stories. Read your own story first and read from the reader’s point of view as it is not about yours.

Paragraph Analyzer

Read each paragraph and choose the main idea.

Horses, Dogs, and Tweleve Year Olds

Some horses in the stable are white with brown patches. Some other horses in the stable are black with a few white spots.

The Dog Loves Spaghetti

Kerry, the dog, prefers to eat Spaghetti. He will ignore his dog food and dog treats. He can smell spaghetti being cooked and will begin to run around the house in circles and barking in glee.


Heroes save people when they are in trouble. A hero may also risk his or her life to save another person. My brother saved my life yesterday when I was in trouble.

The Clouds

The clouds in the sky were dark. The kids were sad because they wanted to go out and play. The playground had new slides and a new jungle gym area.

Find the Main Idea of Paragraphs

Read the following paragraphs and compose a one‐sentence main idea for each.

Ms. Rowling

Ms. Rowling began writing at a very early age. She was born in England and moved to other places while growing up.


There are different leaders in the world. At different times, countries have various leaders. These leaders also have various titles. Some leaders are called presidents.

Fishing Pole

Mounty and Bill were eager to go on their fishing trip. They told their families of their intentions and began buying supplies.

Kate and her Mother

Find the main idea in the paragraph below. Write the main idea in your own words in the space provided. Then, write a concluding sentence for this paragraph.

The Blizzard

The blizzard started in the afternoon. It arrived with very little warning. Even the weatherman got the weather forecast wrong.


The twins woke up with a shout. They were ten years old today and their parents were having a birthday party at the house.

Mike and Spike

Mike loves excitement and lives on a farm. He wakes early and runs to look for his dog, Spike.

Play Instruments

The kids in Kay Elementary school can sing and dance. Some kids can play instruments including the piano and guitar.