Paragraph Review Worksheets

How to Review Your Own Paragraphs

One of the most important steps of writing is to review what you have penned down. You need to review it for grammatical errors, flow, syntax, and spelling mistakes. Reviewing your own writing is a challenge, and many of us fail to point out any mistakes. Here are some tips that will help you review your own writing. Reviewing your writing immediately afterward is not fruitful. For efficient reviewing, try to unwind your mind and disconnect with what you wrote. It is only after a few days you can point out the mistakes in your work. Awkward sentences are a challenge to detect. The smartest approach, in this case, is to read your writing aloud. You can read it aloud yourself or ask your friend to do it for you. It will help in identifying sentences, phrases, or words that do not sit well in the content. Checking for spellings is critical, especially if you are using your computer to write essays. Often people with fast typing speeds overlook the typing errors that even the computer does not consider as a mistake. The best way to cater to this is to use a spell checker. Make sure you keep an eye on troubling words such as ‘there,’ ‘their,’ affect,’ ‘effect,’ and several others. Even the spelling checker will not detect these issues. When reviewing your writing, try to replace the adverbs with strong verbs. Replace difficult words with readable and concise words; this increases the overall readability of the content.

Paragraph Professor

Students do a complete review including topic sentences, editing and natural phrases.

Organization of the Order

Underline the topic sentence. Circle the topic.

Get Rid of It!

Cross out any sentence that doesn't belong in the paragraph.

Highlight It

Put a box around or highlight the transitional words and phrases.


Name the order of organization used. (chronological, spatial, emphatic, cause and effect, compare/contrast)


The main idea of a paragraph is usually stated in the topic sentence.

My Idea

A topic sentence states both the topic and the idea about the topic that is discussed in the paragraph.

Two of Them

One sentence in each of the following pairs would make a good topic sentence. The other sentence would make a good supporting detail.

The Review

Write TS for the topic sentence and SD for the supporting detail sentence.

Put It All Together

Find yourself together to fill the complete review.