Research Skills Worksheets

Tips for Learning How to Research Topics

Not everyone has the skills required to research. While it has become one of the most crucial skill today, people are trying every route to hone their researching skills. The more they strive for it, the better they realize the nitty-gritty that involves in the skills. Anyhow, when you're learning a skill, one of the foremost is to develop patience within you. Ensure you are patient through and through; now that researching is no walk in the park, it can keep you drained as well. Practice makes a man perfect! If you haven't heard already, you might as well try it. Ensure you don't back down, even when you think researching has nothing going for you. Chances are, you'll find yourself in quite a developed stage in a few days. The more you research, the better you get at it. Study the subject matter you are about to research. Outline the keywords, make use of advanced technology. Don't only scuffle your way through libraries. Instead, make sure you're adapting to the developments that have taken the world by storm. Chances are you'll find yourself in quite a better place.

A Famous Person

The steps to take for this assignment.


Describe what it looked like and draw it.

Grades 3/4 Project

What did you discover that was new to you?

Grades 5/6 Project

What main area within your topic did you focus your research on?


A nice way to jump into one of your favorites.

Famous Person Organizer

This builds on all the main aspects of interests you might expect to find.

Doing Research with a Partner

A broad organizer to help you sum up your work together. What important facts did you discover?

Right-Sizing Your Topic

Place that topic in the context of an issue statement, or question, around a meaningful, real-world problem. Your issue statement should be phrases as a yes/no question.

For the Zoo

Write 5 adjectives to describe what this animal looks like.

Using Multiple Sources

We cover the basic methods for citing sources of your work.

Career Research

What personality qualities and skills do people need to do well in this career?

Collect Information on Your Sources

The templates below will help guide you in collecting information from common types of sources.

Create An Annotated Bibliography

Use the graphic organizer below to compile the information you will need for each entry in an annotated bibliography.

Taking Notes

A page to keep handy to keep track of everything you come across.

Blank Notes

A great source sheet to work along side of you.