Active vs. Passive Voice Worksheets

What is the Active and Passive Voice in Writing?

In writing, when we have a sentence that has a subject acting upon a verb, the style of deliverance or voice in which the sentence is being said is called an active voice. On the other hand, passive voice is referred to a style of deliverance where a verb acts, and the subject receives the action of a verb. In easy words, in a sentence, if the subject comes before a verb, the sentence is written in an active voice. Whereas, if the verb comes before the subject in a sentence, the sentence is written in the passive voice. It is a common misconception that passive voice is incorrect and is a weaker form of expression. Passive voice is also considered as a style of deliverance that is more difficult to comprehend, which is quite true to some extent. However, there are occasions when a sentence cannot be said in an active voice, and it has to be written or said in a passive voice.

Switch the Tone

Change the active voice sentences to passive voice.


Change up the tone as best you can with these offers.

A to P

In active voice sentences, the subject does the action.

Practice Changing Each Voice

In passive voice sentences, the subject receives the action.

Label Me

Label each sentence as active voice or passive voice.

The Opposite

Rewrite each sentence in the opposite voice.

Flip the Switch

We review all the major thoughts of this skill.

Label It and Flip It

Determine the voice of each sentence and then change it.

Get Excited

Write sentences using active voice.

Active to Passive

Move the voice of the message as indicated.

Rewrite Them

The sentences below are in passive voice. Rewrite them in active voice.

Pass'em By

Make these sentences a little less formal.

Find a Direct Object

You will transition the sentences and then find the direct object.

All Together

This is a clear identification activity.

On the Subject

Write two sentences for each subject/direct object pair below. Write the first sentence in active voice. Write the second sentence in passive voice.

Which One Is It?

Breakdown each of the sentences.

Extra Credit

Then rewrite it using the other voice.

My Sentence

What can you tell us about how these come across.

Use the Examples

For each sentence below, write A on the line if the sentence is in active voice, or P if it is in passive voice.

Give Them Gas...

Rev up all these sentences.

Slow Them Down

Make these a bit more formal.

Which Way To Go

There are two kinds of voice in writing.

Put It Together

Use all the skills that you have learned so far.

Pull It Together

For each sentence below, write A on the line if the sentence is in active voice, or P if it is in passive voice.

Note Taking

Where do you get the ideas for all your thoughts?

How to Write in the Active and Passive Voice?

When you do not write a sentence as in active tone in an ongoing conversation, it will be the passive voice. The active voice refers to the conversation in direct context. In the past, there was a dominant characteristic of scientific writing but discernible shift in consensus these days. For conciseness and clarity as an active voice root, you will have to follow the guidance such as 6th addition, section 3. 18. Any form of writing except scientific writing, passive voice always makes the writing insinuates and flat. It also envisions the sense of responsibility.

Typically, the senior writers prefer active voice the most for the easiest writing. Passive voice cannot express and there is no clear definition about who is conversing with whom. With the usage of passive voice, readers lose sight of the prose relevance as things and objects dominate it. Polarized writing views as an irrelevant. Use these two voice contextually as a relevant balance.

You should use the active/passive voice and verb tenses with a definite consideration as per an expert advice. Do not be reluctant to use active voice that becomes necessary when it comes to writing for the discussion panel. It would be highly imperative to highlight certain things based on supposition. Also, you must have a specific assessments.