Persuasion Worksheets

How to Become a Better Persuasive Writer

When you are writing a piece to take a stance on an issue or wish to convince the readers about a specific point, it is what we call ‘persuasive writing.’ It is a piece that must be strong because it has a key role to play and needs to have a powerful impact on a reader. Want to excel in this form of argumentative writing? Here are some tips that will help you become a better persuasive writer, capable of stirring change and initiate movements. 1. Write on a topic you are passionate about - One of the most important aspects to consider in this form of writing is the identification of the areas where your passion lies. If you truly believe in something, there are better chances of you convincing the readers about it. 2. Understand your audience - Before you start writing, make sure you know the type of audience you are addressing. You need to know who you are convinced and talking to; it will help you write in targeting a specific audience. 3. Craft a strong declarative statement - As you will be convincing the reader, you need to start with a strong declarative statement. It should clearly represent your opinion and what you will be covering in the piece. It should immediately give the reader an idea or summary of what they have to expect from the article. 4. Research is crucial - One of the biggest mistakes people make while writing persuasive articles is that they only research over their stance and build no understanding of the other side of the argument. It is crucial because the audience needs to know what they are standing against. 5. Use empathy - A person who can relate to a situation of the other has a better chance of convincing them about a specific point. It is due to this reason that empathy is such an important aspect of this type of writing. The reader needs to know that you understand their situation. These are the topmost effective tips that can help you become a better persuasive writer. Do not forget to emphasize your point and develop a sense of urgency to make your writing powerful.

The Argument

Write both the pros and cons for the given topic.

Listing the Pros and the Cons

Work off of the topics that you are given to see if you can put together a nice package.


Should teen drivers be restricted to only one passenger in the car?

Gas It Up

Read the introductory paragraph. Determine what the next paragraphs should be about based on the preview of main points.

Locker Searches

What did the writer forget in the introductory paragraph?

No to School All Year

Do you think the thesis statement is strong or weak? Explain.

Say NO to Drugs!

How can the thesis statement be improved? Rewrite it for the author.


Should pet owners be required to vaccinate their pets?

School Rules

Should schools be required to offer art class?

Arguments For and Against

Should teens be allowed to get tattoos without parental permission?

Speed Bumps and Corporal Punishment

What should be discussed in the third body paragraph?

The Next Point

Determine what the next paragraphs should be about based on the preview of main points.

Cell Phones and Part-time Jobs

Are they good ideas for students?

Main Points

Where did they go wrong?

Healthy Schools for a Healthy Nation

Did you realize that the rate of obesity in our country is at an all-time high?

Adopt a Pet

Circle or highlight the attention catcher. Do you think it's effective?

Simon Cowell

Draw two lines under the thesis. Do you think it's well stated?