Run-on Sentence Worksheets

What is a Run-on Sentence?

Run-on sentences mean fused sentences. We make them by squashing two complete sentences together. You will also use coordinating or proper punctuation like semicolon or a period. You can make such sentences long or short, but long sentences necessarily run-on sentences. You can make run-on sentences by using two independent clauses. Without using proper punctuation, you can use two complete thoughts into one sentence. Place semicolon between two clauses so that thoughts become separated as it is a correct way of using two independent clauses. You will also use a comma after the conjunctive adverb. This way, you will use a transition into the second clause. Avoid run-on sentences when you have more than one idea. Make sure it should communicate with more than two independent clauses. Write two complete sentences that have complete ideas. That is why we will use a semicolon or a period. It will show that they are separate independent clauses. You will ignore or avoid all run-on sentences, especially while using the Grammarly tool. Set all grammatical errors for writing clarity. Make sure all your sentences short, precise, concise, readable, and intuitive. Also, you can learn multiple ways to improve your writing.

Fixing Them

If the sentence is correct, then write the word correct on the line.


These sentences are all screwy. See if you can jazz them up.

Comma Crazy

Structure these much better. The author went crazy with the commas.

Too Much Info.

These thoughts are so all over the place. See if you can help.

Guitar Sarah

Rewrite the following paragraph so that all run-on sentences are corrected.

Label the Sentences

Label each sentence as a simple (S), compound(C), or run-on sentence(RO).

Practice Page

Underline the subordinate clauses in each sentence below. Add a comma where necessary.

Adverbial Clauses

An adverbial clause is a dependent clause that modifies a verb in a complex sentence. Write 5 original complex sentences that include adverbial clauses beginning with the word in parentheses.

More Labels

Write the correct term in the blank. Correct each run-on sentence.

The Last Label

You can use this one as a review sheet for yourself.