Subject and Predicate Worksheets

What Are the Subjects and Predicates of Sentences?

Writing is a habit that every writer exercises every day. It can be anything in a word form such as text message, email, report, etc. It means we can make different sentences in multiple ways. Do you ever guess the other parts of sentences? Strive hard to learn the role of a sentence so that you can display the language mastery. Comparison between Predicate and Subject - Students of elementary school Start learning different kinds of sentences during the study, and they understand each of them has a word for a job. Two things make sentences complete that is a predicate and a subject. Here, we all need to know about them thoroughly. Subject - It is a sentence that refers to whom about the ruling is as you can understand what the sentence is by this example; The dog is sleeping in the sun, and the underlined word is the subject. Predicate - It is a clause's or sentence's part as it implies the action of the subject and everything about the issue in a sentence. You can consider the above example to understand the predicate for this. The sentence is ‘Dog is sleeping in the sun.' The underlined part of the sentence is the predicate. It implies a work or the action of the dog due to predicate.

Pop In Here

In the following sentences, underline the complete subject once and the complete predicate twice.

Using the Underlines

You can eat off of the sentences.

In the Blank

In the blank before each of the following sentences, write "S" if the underlined word or group of words is the subject; write "P" if it is the predicate.

Another Go

Underline each subject once and each verb twice.

Identify It?

Is the underlined portion of the sentence the subject or predicate?

Fixed Ideas

If it has both a subject and a predicate and forms a complete sentence, write "SP" in the blank.

S, P, or SP?

Label each of the sentences that you see?

Short It

See if you can find the way these play out.

Word Bank

In the spaces provided, make sentences using any combination of complete subjects and predicates from the word bank.

The Fix

Correct all capitalization errors. Add punctuation where necessary.

Too Simple

How do you label the parts of speech in this sentence.

More Exercises

In the following sentences, underline the subject once and underline the predicate twice.

Getting Fit

The subject of a sentence tells who or what the sentence is about. The predicate of a sentence tells what the subject is or does.

Sentence Breakdown

Label each part of the sentences that are provided for you.

Follow the Words

Use your investigator skills here.

How to Find the Subject and Predicate of a Sentence

Each complete sentence contains two sections: a subject and a predicate. The subject is what the sentence is about, while the predicate educates something concerning the subject. Here is an example: Alan works. In this sentence, we are talking about what Alan does or is doing. Here the subject, about whom the sentence is, is Alan. Works are the predicate in this case as it is telling what Alan does or is doing. If the sentence were 'Alan and his wife Laura, works on their pottery every morning' here, Alan and his wife would be the subject of this sentence. Their work on their pottery every morning would be the predicate of the sentence.