Alphabetic Order Worksheets

How Do You Put Words and Phrases in Alphabetical Order?

Today we are going to learn how to order things alphabetically. Before we go there, let us first understand what ordering things means. When we are talking about placing things in order, it means organizing stuff based on a similar objective. Age, number, color, alphabets, etc. When it comes to organizing things with respect to alphabets, it gets really easy, because you know which alphabet comes after which. The first letter is A so you need to gather all the stuff you are organizing with A. If there are multiple things that are starting with A, order them with respect to the second letter. Start with A, move to B and the on and on. Once you are done with A, move to the second letter and repeat the same procedure. Keep repeating the process till you are done. Voila!


Name five classmates and put their names in order.


Name five of your favorite color and then guess what?


The first five animals that come to mind.


Building off of the animal topic.


Can you name five of them?


You got a list of five you enjoy?

Types of Clothing

Organize five names of them.


Can you name five different types of trees?

Dog Breeds

Name five breeds of dog.

Fav Fruits

What are your five favorite fruits?

The Word Book

Read the words in the box. Write them in alphabetical order.

The Octopus Envelope

A fun batch of weird words to organize.

Simple and Common

This is helpful for review.

Bunny Hop

A nice batch of words to start off with. Here is the list: quiet, what, place, open, said, new, ride, they, voice, upon.


Organize a series of words that serve as a covering at some capacity.