Antonym and Synonym Worksheets

What are Antonyms and Synonyms?

Whenever we want to find word meanings, we open a dictionary. But often some people refer us to the thesaurus. It is like a dictionary that has words with their synonyms and antonyms. Antonyms - These are the opposite of synonyms. Another word in the same language, antonyms are wording those meanings are precisely opposite to it. The word antonym comes from the Greek word ‘Anti,’ which means opposite and ‘onym,’ which means name. For example, the antonym of hot and up is cold and down. In the English language, antonyms are very useful as it is easy to understand the context and meaning of a tricky word. It is possible when you know what the meaning of the opposite word is. For example, the word mundane, whose antonym is extraordinary or imaginative. Synonyms - When two different words of the same language have the same meanings, we call both a synonym of each other. Whether the meaning of the word is not the same, we will still call it synonym if it has a relatively similar meaning in the context. We call the words synonymous when two words are synonymous with each other. Let’s consider the example of the word JUMP. It has multiple synonyms such as hop, leap, bounce. It has the same or similar meanings.

Opposite Match

Match Column 1 with Column 2.

More Opposites

Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning.

Across the Isle

Match words that are going in different directions.

Dark and Light

Match the calm to the chaos words.

Good and Bad

Match the words that are antonyms.

Action Words

Draw a line to match words that have a contrary relationship.

Compose Your Own

We work on position and height words.

Big Words

Right your own words that are antonyms to loud and run.

Dark and Cold

Write bright and warm words.

Bad and Fast

Create a list of words that counteract these.

Sweet and Old

You know what to do.


Write the opposite of these words.


Write the opposite of the underlined word on the line.

Opposite Match

Match the words in columns.

Summer Words

Find words that match the summer spirit.

Mixed Matches

These are very common words.


Homonyms are words which have the same spelling and pronunciation as each other but different meanings and origins.

Different Meanings

Use each word in a sentence to show the different meanings.


How many different ways can you use this word?


Twist all of the meanings out of this word.

Boxed Up

Unbox all the meanings you can out of this word.

Different Pictures

Look at the pictures in Column 1. Match them to the pictures in Column 2 that show the opposite.

Slick Pictures

See if you can find a picture that goes somewhere else with it.

Same Match

Synonyms are words that mean the same. Match the synonyms in Column 1 with Column 2.

Find the Same

Match words that mean the same thing.

And Again

Draw a line to match terms that have the same meaning.


Which words almost have the same meaning?

Big Words

These are higher level vocabulary words.


Find the words that have a similar meaning.

Same Team

Read the words in each row. Circle the two words that have the same or almost the same meaning.


Write as many synonyms as you can for Happy.


How many words do you know that mean the same thing?


Write smaller words that match the meaning.


Students can dream up endless words for this one.


We are looking for emotional words.

Fast Four

Four words that we need similar words for.

Box Fill

Write synonyms for each word in the box.

Scrambled Synonyms

Unscramble each pair of words.

Same Column

Use a nice line.


Change the phrases below. Use one of your words in the place of "nice".


Change this word in the sentences.


Use one of the words you dream up in each sentence.

So Sad...

Change up the words in the sentences.


Use a better word.

Make Me Happy

Write about something that makes you happy. Use your synonym in the sentence.

Almost Sad

Which word means the same thing?

Small Animal

Write about a small animal that you have seen.

I'm Mad

Write about a time when you were mad.

Super Fast

Write about something that goes very fast.