Articles Worksheets

What are the Articles of English?

The English Language is quite vast, and there are thousands of rules, definitions, terms and other stuff that help you in the making in understandable. One of the major things that we often use but don't know what they are called is the articles in the English Language. Do you know what they are? Let's take a look! In English, there are three articles; A | An | The. These articles combine with a noun to form a noun phrase. For example; An apple. A tree. The United States of America.

Using Articles Correctly

Write the correct article on the line. If it is not needed, write none.


Fill in the blank in each sentence with a or an.

Using Them

Complete each sentence with a definite or indefinite article.


Fill in the blank with the definite article the where necessary.

Makes Sense

Write the correct article (a or an) for each noun.

A, An, and The

Fill in the blank in each sentence with the correct article.

Choose the Correct One

Work off of the noun that is given to you.

Three Choices

Which word would complete the sentence?


Circle the correct article to complete each sentence.

Definite and Indefinite

We review what is in front of us.

Be Original

Use each article in an original sentence.

Fill In The Blank

Which of the three is the best fit?


Complete each sentence by adding an appropriate article.

Go Down

Which is the right fit?

Make It Proper

Finish off all of these sentences.