Cloze Worksheets

What are the Cloze Sentences?

Cloze sentences can be considered as incomplete sentences in which the words that are responsible for making some meaning out of the sentence are either missing or blocked out/covered up. If a student gets a cloze sentence from someone, they are usually expected to get meaning out of the sentence by determining the missing word. Students generally do that by using the help of any clue related to the context of the sentence. Cloze sentences are ideal in helping students grab the gist of the language and expand their comprehension level to understand the importance of particular words. The main use of cloze sentences is to engage the reader in learning the syntax and semantics of a language. Those find processing any language difficult; cloze sentences are especially important for them. Cloze sentences are also helpful in increasing your critical thinking abilities regarding a language.

What's Missing?

Fill in the missing word in each sentence.


Fill in all the holes.

The Blanks

Examples: ______________ remains to be see is how the dogs will react.

Complete the Sentence

Example: By the time she finished explaining, we had little ____________ she was correct.


Use your vocabulary to help the sentences make sense.

In Quotes

When the stock market crashed, my father just said, "Easy come, easy ____________________."

Word Box

Choose from the words below to fill in the blanks.

The Garden Gate!

Things that take place within the garden.

Sound Off

What do you feel is missing.

Fill in the Blank

These are much bolder sentences.

Complete It

Where do you go with this.

Cloze in the Kitchen

Fill in the blanks with the missing words. Use the Word Bank.


Complete each sentence by adding an appropriate article.

Pointed Out

Greetings and thought are put together here.

Drawing a Blank

Example: My favorite part of the trip is when the __________________ brings the snacks.