Compound Word Worksheets

What Are Compound Words?

There are so many fun things that we learn in the English Language, and one such example is Compound words! Do you know what they are? Let’s take a look! Compound words are like a combination of two words, which when joined together form a new word. For example; Washing and machine = washing machine, Chocolate and bar = chocolate bar. Sometimes, compound words can be formed by more than two words. In such situations, usually, hyphens are used, For example; Mother-in-law, Friend-in-need.

Color Me

Read each pair of words below. Can they be combined to create a compound word? Color in YES or NO. If the words form a compound word, write it on the line.

Word Detective

Read each word. If it is a compound word, color the square.


Find a dance partner for each of these words.

Compound Crazy!

Unscramble the mixed up compound words. Write the correct words on the lines.

New Words

Put each set of smaller words together to make a new words.


Write your words on the lines. Make as many compound words as you can.

Two Makes One

Pair up the small words below to make compound words. Write your words on the line.

Pair'em Up

Write the word under the picture.


Put the small words in the Word Box together to make compound words.

Add It

Add another word to each word below to create a compound word.

How Do These Fit?

Match the word parts in the first column to the word parts in the second column to form new words.


Describe the pictures.

What's Missing

Find the missing word in the bunch.

Make a List

Once you do that, draw one of the four words.

Sentence Fill

Example: To the airport, you have to take the ______________________.