Cryptogram Worksheets

What are Cryptograms?

Puzzles help to boost one's cognitive abilities, including concentration, level of focus, and attentiveness. There are a variety of different puzzles that people can use to do that and for some, solving these puzzles is a form of entertainment. Out of these, there is one that was used in early times as a secretive form of communication. We are talking about cryptograms. Word puzzles that have hidden messages and codes are the cryptograms. These are the puzzles that usually appear in newspapers and magazines. In the early times, these puzzles were used to hide secret information. The cryptograms that people solve in the newspapers and magazines can be solved through simple substitution cipher. It is a method where one alphabet is replaced by another. Knowledge of short words and frequency analysis can help people excel in solving these word puzzles.

Wise Words from Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is considered to be one of the greatest geniuses who has ever lived. And yet, Einstein did not consider himself a genius.

What's Really Important in Life?

The famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso had some thoughts on the subject. Decode the cryptogram below to find out what they were.

Do You Trust Your Doctor?

Decode the cryptogram to discover one of his thoughts about the medical profession.

What Book Can You Not Live Without?

The question is intended to elicit the name of your all-time favorite book, but comedian Steven Alexander Wright interprets the question a slightly different way.

A Philosophy of Art

Decode the cryptogram below to find out what Picasso had to say about why he painted the way that he did.

The Best Way to Reheat Pizza

This is a long one, but well worth it.

Money Sayings

Decrypt puzzles. Underneath, write what you think the sayings mean.

The Key to Family Harmony

Solve the cryptogram below to see what comedian George Burns has to say about how to achieve family happiness. Then write his observation on the lines below.

Handling Life's Challenges

Decode the cryptogram to find out what the poet and writer Maya Angelou believed was the best way to handle change.

Attitude is Everything

Decode the cryptogram to find out what American self-help author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer has to say about that power.

Becoming Yourself

It can be difficult to change, but according to blogger turned New York Times best-selling author and speaker Mandy Hale, there is something even more painful.

Do you ever feel like giving up?

Decode the cryptogram to read this quote by Thomas Fuller (1608 - 1661), an English churchman and historian now remembered for his writings.

Goal Setting Worksheet

Decode the puzzle to find some inspiration from basketball coach John Wooden to see your goal through.

The Best Advice

When you need some good advice, who do you turn to? The Roman statesman and skeptic philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero believes that there is only one person who can give you the advice that you seek.

Man's Best Friend

Decode the cryptograms to read the saying.