Dictionary Skills Worksheets

How to Use a Dictionary as a Tool

Majority people believe that they are amateur in English subject. They don’t know how to improve their dictionary, learning, English fluency, and vocabulary. If you are one of them, this piece of information is for you. Expand your knowledge and use words that you know. Try to find more vocabulary words and make different sentences. Communicate with people in English as it improves your fluency and pronunciation. You can arrange some fun activity with your friend, family members to learn new words. Challenge them then, your vocabulary will sky-rocket. There are multiple ways by which you can make your learning skills efficient with high standards. Reading different writing material is top of the list. You will know sentence structure, latest vocabulary, current knowledge, and much more. Make google translate, thesaurus, and dictionary your best friends. Make your private dictionary; it will be your research record. Learn one word daily and play some games to find out latest words meanings to expand your vocabulary. Remember, practice makes a man perfect; apply this trick here. Make English your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to speak with those who know speak English language well. Don’t afraid from your grammatical blunders.

Use It

Find the word jeopardize in your dictionary and answer the questions.

Spelling and Syllables

Use the dictionary to divide the following words into syllables. Write each word on the line, placing a hyphen between syllables.


Look up the assigned words in the dictionary.

You'll Need One Handy

Use this tool to help you answer all the questions.

Looking Up Unfamiliar Words

Use the dictionary to help you fill in the chart for each word below.

Sentence Writing

Fill out the chart for each word. Then use the word in a sentence.

Working It

Some critical thinking questions for you.

Words with Multiple Meanings

Some words are spelled the same, but have completely different meanings.


A synonym is a word with the same or similar meaning as another word. When you know the meaning of a word's synonym, it can make the unfamiliar word easier to understand.


Write the meaning of each one on the line.

Look It Up!

You can use a thesaurus with this one too.


We focus a bit on syllables.

Irregular Past Tense

Use your dictionary to find the irregular past tense of each verb.

Parts of Speech

There may be more than one correct answers. If so, write one on each line.

Usage Labels

You will need to think deeply about these.