Double Negatives Worksheets

What are Double Negatives?

In English grammar, negatives are phrases that show that the writer is denying or rejecting something. Some words that are used to denote a negative tone include nobody, never, no, and several other terms. Then there is a situation when two grammatical negation forms are used consecutively in one sentence. Many people say that using double negatives is incorrect and grammar errors. Today, we are going to talk about why using double negatives is considered incorrect. Here are the three rules that you need to know when using double negatives. 1. In standard English, there should be one negative form in each subject-predicate construction. 2. When a sentence uses a double negative, it turns into a non-standard sentence that uses negative forms. Double negatives should not be used in standard English, but it does not mean they are not used around the world. African American Vernacular English (AAVE), Southern American English, and some British regional forms are some languages that use double negatives that are usually referred to as negative concord sentence construction.


Because the two negatives contradict each other, it can confuse readers.

Correct Them

If you use a word with a negative prefix in a sentence that already contains a negative word, you might accidentally create a double negative.

Negative Words

Rewrite each sentence below to correct them.

Avoiding Them

Choose words to fill in the blank that avoids improper sentences.

Practice Correcting

Rewrite each sentence below twice, correcting it in two ways.

Finish It Off

Choose the correct word(s) to complete each sentence.

Pairs on Par

Choose the sentence from each pair that is written correctly.

Blank Composition

Use each of the following words in a negative sentence.

Writing Negative Sentences

A negative word expresses the idea of "no."


Underline the word in parentheses that completes each sentence correctly.

Two Ways

Revise each sentence to get rid of the double negative in two ways.

Expressing Negativity with Prefixes

Each of the words below contains a negative prefix. Use each word in a sentence that conveys the meaning indicated.


Eliminate or change words, as necessary.


See all the different ways you can approach this.

Not So Good

Choose the sentence that is written correctly.