Geography Vocabulary Worksheets

What are Common Geography Vocabulary Words?

Every field has its specific terms that help in understanding its multiple concepts. Here we are going to discuss some famous and essential jargon of the field geography. Anticyclone - It is the place where there is high atmospheric pressure. It also contains Light winds, settled weather, and light winds, etc. There are sunny and warm conditions during the summer season. In the winter season, you find fog, sunshine, and frost. Agribusiness - It refers to intensive farming that involves artificial fertilizers and machinery. There is an increase in production, output, and revenue. Agribusiness is somewhat like industrial procedures as it involves general proceedings and farm management that can be parallel as it is large-scale. Barometer - It is an instrument by which we can measure the pressure of the atmosphere. It has two types, such as an aneroid barometer and a mercury barometer. In a mercury barometer, their mercury in a glass tube whenever pressure varies, that part of the meter will fluctuate. The level of mercy in a barometer depends on the pressure intensity and its height. Some of the air is exhibits from a small metal box that we call an aneroid barometer. That meta box will contract and expands whenever the air pressure varies—consecutive levers attached to a pointer that indicates the pressure on a dial.

Early New York Vocabulary

New York was one of the original colonies. Focuses on the word bank of: explore, colony, Indies, fort, tax merchant, whaler, apprentice, missionary, revolution delegate, trench, frontier, treaty, and ally.

Geography Vocabulary - 1

The words relate to maps and natural resources. Focuses on the word bank of: gypsum, petroleum, weather, climate, precipitation temperature, thermometer, landform, season, region elevation, contour, lines, valley, capital, and port.

Geography Vocabulary Pack 2

The words relate more to global use of geography. Focuses on the word bank of: latitude, longitude, Prime Meridian, estimate, symbol scale, key, falls, graph, pictograph pie, graph, plateau, coastal, plain talc,and garnet.

Learning about the Community

Includes a variety of words related to your community. Focuses on the word bank of: geography, history, ancestor, community, government, goods, services, commute, transportation, monument, artifact, museum, historian, genealogy, and library.

Learning about the Earth

North Pole. Continents. Oceans. These are all parts of the Earth. Focuses on the word bank of: newspapers, astronaut, sphere, globe, ocean, continent, map, boundary, border, North Pole, South Pole, Compass Rose, Equator, hemisphere, and grid.

Native Americans of New York

Native Americans make up an important part of the history. Focuses on the word bank of: gorge, reservoir, titanium, stockade, tribe, trade, sapling, roundhouse, reservation, longhouse, clan, explore, sachems, league, and lacrosse.