Language Arts Warmup Worksheets

What Are Warmup Activities?

Like every person needs a little morning workout and stretching to begin their day with optimal performance, language arts also needs some warmup activities for maximum learning. A school teacher always begins the day in a class with a few mental warmup activities so that students might be able to grasp the maximum out of each lecture throughout the day. Like our muscles, our brain also needs a morning warmup exercise session to understand the concepts. Language arts warmup activities are all about some grammar and composition exercises that help students develop a flow of learning for their day ahead. Apart from that, learning arts warmup activities are also helpful in previewing the previous lectures give an account of what will be taught in the future.

Your Day

This morning warm-up activity gets students thinking about the day, the weather, how to be nice, and the sight word of the day.


A polite word I will use today is _______.

Morning Warm-Up

This morning activity focuses on the days weather, a polite word to use in a sentence, and the current season. There is a chart to track the weather for the month.

For the Day

Here are three sight words for the day. Learn to say and spell them.

Weather Graph for the Month

Goes hand in hand with the former worksheets to chart either temperature or rainfall/snowfall for the past month.

Reference Books

Match the reference books in Column 1 with the descriptions in Column 2.

Use References

Use the reference books in the box to answer the questions.

Which to Use?

Write the reference book that you would use to find the following.


Match the sources of information that are parts of Reference Books in Column 1, with the descriptions in Column 2.

Main Indexes

Use the parts of reference books in the box to answer the questions.

The Thesaurus

A thesaurus helps you find a new word to replace a word that you already know. Read the sentences and replace the underlined word with a word from your thesaurus.

New Words

Find more new words.

Sentence Replacer

Find a better word for each sentence.

Sour Sentence

Liven up these sentences with better words.

Sentence Bulk Up

Get these sentences in better shape.


Read each sentence. Look at the underlined word.

What's It Mean?

Write what the words mean on the line.

Position Words

What do these things mean?

Short Fix

What changes would you make to make these better sentences?

Save Them

How would you reword these to make them better?

Circle Up

Put a circle around the sentences. If they are not a sentence draw a red line under the words.

Are They Sentences?

Maybe they are incomplete thoughts?


Would you classify these as sentences?

They Real?

Are these proper sentences?

Circle Me

See if anything is missing.

All About Me

This is a picture of me.

My birthday is...

Do you have a pet? If yes, draw a picture of your pet. If you don't have a pet, draw a picture of a pet you would like to have.

My favorite ice cream flavor is...

This is a picture of the cover of my favorite book.

My favorite thing to do is...

This is a picture of my favorite toy.

Best Friends

This is a picture of my best friend.

My Name

Tell us about you.

More Birthdays

Tell us how old you are and if you have siblings.

Your Likes

My favorite TV show is...


Tell us about your emotions.


When my friend and I are together, these are things we like to do.

A Happy Note

You did something great today and everyone should know about it.

Thank you note

Say "Thank You!", to someone.

Best Part of My Day

I did something good today!

Good Day For You

Tell a friend that they did well today.

Three Cheers

Tell a friend how good they did.

My Teacher

Tell us about your teacher.

My Classroom

Tell us all about your class.

The Girls

Write the first name of each girl in your classroom.

The Boys

Write the first name of each boy in your classroom.

Class Picture

This is a picture of what my classroom looks like.