Singular and Plurals Worksheets

What are Plurals?

In English language, the term plural refers to a quantity of a noun that is greater than one. We plural in the combination of singular and we express it by only one. For example; One cat or two cats. (a single cat represents singular noun and a pair of cat represent a plural noun). For plurals, we will have to make singular nouns plurals. Only you will need to -s at the end of the singular word. Pluralization has multiple rules that relies on what alphabet a noun word ends in it. Plural noun rules will not be applicable when you don't follow irregular nouns. You will need to cramp it or find it in the dictionary. There are further types of countable and uncountable noun. There are many different kinds of singular and plural forms of nouns. But, these two are the most famous one. When you write a noun with a singular and plural form, you will call it a countable noun. For example; cat/cats, man, men, etc. A noun become non-countable when we use it in contrasts between them. In this case, we don't have a plural form. For example; music, bravery, etc.

More Than One

Add an -s to each singular noun to make it a plural noun.

When To Use -es

Add an -es to each singular noun to make it a plural noun.

Irregular Forms

Rewrite each word to form a word that states more than one.

Switch It Up

Change the form of each word.

In a Sentence

Circle all the plural nouns. Then use each one in a sentence.


Which column do these belong to?

Crazy Nouns

Complete each sentence by adding the word "one" if the noun is singular or the word "some" if the noun is plural.

S or P

Look at the underlined word and let us know what form it takes on.

Nouns The Are the Same

Write two sentences for each noun.

Cut and Paste

Write the words in the correct columns.

Explain What You See

Write what you see in the picture.

Circle and Squares

Draw a shape around each word to signify its form.

Write the Plural Form

Write the plural form of each noun on the line.

What Tense?

Complete the chart with the missing noun tenses.

One to Many...

Write the plural form of each word.

End in y

Some words end in y. To make these words plural, drop the y and change to an i and add es.

More ys

Rewrite these words in the plural form.


When to add the i.

Tricky -ies

We work with words that confuse many students.

Dropping the -y

To make these words plural, drop the y and change to an i and add es. If there is a vowel before the y, add s.

After a Consonant

When y comes after a consonant at the end of a noun, change the y to an i and add es.

The Change Up

Read each noun below and write the plural on the line.

Who is Right?

Circle the noun that is spelled correctly.

Weird Spellings

These words can confuse some students.

Singular Form

Write the words to represent a single unit.

Sentence Completer

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

More Than One

An s at the end of a word often means there is more than one.

Which Fits?

Which form of the word would complete the sentence?

Correct It

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence. Write the word on the line.

Easy Fix

Complete the sentence with the proper form of the word.

Snowman and Tree

Look for the singular and plural nouns on the snowman and the tree. Complete the two columns below by writing the nouns in the correct columns.

Column Work

Look at the nouns at the bottom of the page. Some are plural, which means more than one. Some are singular, which means only one. List them in the correct columns.