Thesaurus Worksheets

How to Use a Thesaurus

If you are having trouble writing or thinking that your writing is being repetitive, then the thesaurus is a great tool to have. It helps you to use the correct form of English and avoid regular mistakes efficiently. However, most young writers find it hard to use thesaurus accurately. So, take a look at the following steps, and you’re good to go. 1. Choose a word as a starting point and find the synonyms of that word alphabetically. 2. Now that you have done that, look at the word listed next to the search word. 3. The last step is to choose the word which will work instead of the word you chose from the start. With these simple steps, you will be able to not only use thesaurus the right way but improve your writing significantly as well.


Use a thesaurus to find a replacement for the underlined word in each sentence. Write your new word on the line.

Using It

For each bold word, circle the word to the right that is NOT its synonym.


Choose words from the list provided. Write them on the lines.


Find three good replacements for each word that is provided.


Using something you have written previously, find three words that you can replace with more specific meanings.

Worn Out

Replace each underlined word with a synonym. Write your word on the line.

Stand In

Find a good stand in word for each that appears at the top of the boxes.


Match each word to its synonyms.

Reach out

Use all the skills you have learned to replace the words.

Change the Meaning

: Consult a thesaurus to find a synonym that is slightly more intense and a synonym that is slightly less intense than each word. Write your words on the lines provided.

More Practice

Circle the word in each sentence that is a synonym for the underlined word.


Find a more interesting word.


There are many different shades of every color. Each is slightly different, and each has its own name. Use a thesaurus to look up at least three synonyms for each basic color name below.

Scavenger Hunt

You will need to do some hunting here.