Distinguishing Between Letters Worksheets

How to Teach Students to Distinguish Between Letters

Teaching a toddler regarding the alphabet is no walk in the park. Since they not only have to learn how they sound; but, learn differences between them. However, another mistake that young learners make is to differentiate between them. Specifically, in the case of “b” and “d.” They look so similar that it ends up becoming hard for students to distinguish between them. Now, how can you teach them? Firstly, you must learn how each of these sounds. When you pronounce b, your lips close down. On the other hand, when you say d, your tongue touches the top of your mouth. This identification of tone makes it easier for the students to understand the difference between them.

Which Is It

Follow the directions. You will circle a letter or a word.

I Would Rather

My match is right to go.

Begins With

Match the letter in Column 1 with the word that begins with that letter in Column 2.

Ends With

Which letter does this end with?

Lots of Do-irections

You will pick this one apart.

Which Are Words?

Circle all the words in the box.

Upper Case

Circle all the upper case letters in the box.


Read the Nursery Rhyme "Humpty Dumpty".

Consonants and Vowels

Students determine which letters are constants and which are vowels.