Word Ladder Worksheets

What are Word Ladders?

A word ladder is an impressive word game that starts by selecting two words. Two words are then connected with a series of other words in a step-by-step manner. For instance, let us consider two words, SAGE, and FOOL. In a word puzzle, you must transform one word into the other one sequentially by changing a single letter at a time. Now, the variation through which FOOL can become Sage is as follows.
1. Fool
2. Pool
3. Poll
4. Pole
5. Pale
6. Sale
7. Sage

Go Team!

Follow the directions next to each word to complete the word ladder.


Change, add, and subtract letters to complete the word ladders.

In the Doghouse

Replace one letter. Dogs wear this to keep from scratching.

The Daily Round

Replace the beginning sound. Not hot.

Winter Wonderland

Change one letter. Less calories.

Start with Cat

Replace one letter. Did this on a chair.

Weekend Fun!

Replace one letter. Past tense of tear.

A Quiet Afternoon

Replace one letter. Wear these on your feet.

Today's Assignment

We begin with the subject of art.


What we do when we are sick.

What Will Baby Do?

That is one busy little guy.

Cold Weather Wardrobe

Start with jacket and make it move around.

Word Ladder Challenge

Use the clues to complete the word ladder.


How do you celebrate? Use the clues to solve the puzzle.