Word Scramble Worksheets

How Word Scrambles Improve Our English Skills

Word scrambles is a fun way to improve your English. What could be better than playing games and being productive at the same time? Here are some of the benefits of word scrambles and how these games help improve our English skills. Spelling, Boosts the Mind, Extends Vocabulary. Word games reinforce spelling in our minds, especially those with the crosswords and puzzles when it becomes crucial to spell the related words to complete the task. Word scrambles make your mind work faster. It makes you remember all the words you have ever known to relate to your task to win the game. In short, it also boots working memories. The best part about the word scrambles is in order to win; your vocabulary game should be pretty strong. This encourages us to learn new words so that we can use it for the next game! So, you see? You are not only playing with your friends and family for entertainment but also improving your vocabulary and being productive.

Middle Words

These are words that are set for middle school students.

Word Bank

You are given a word bank to work off of.

Double Scrambles

In each set of scrambled words, one word describes a topic. The other six words are related to that topic. Unscramble the words. Circle the topic in each set.

Big Words

A word bank is provided to guide your adventure.

Hard Words

Students have trouble with these words.

Define Them

I would give students extra credit for looking up these words.

In a Sentence

Unscramble the words. Then use each word in a sentence.

Grouped Words

Unscramble the words and then group them.

Unscramble and Search

Use the clues to unscramble each word. Then find the words in the Word Box.


Find the prefix and then build the word.

Vowel Crazy

All these words have lots of vowels.

Build Sentence

Figure out all the words and use them in sentences.

Straight Words

These are more difficult words.


Hint: These words are in alphabetic order.

Heighten or Less

These words are grand in scale.