Common Noun Worksheets

What Are Common Nouns?

Common nouns are a kind of nouns that we do not specifically express in our writing. For example, if we use a person's name in a sentence like Alex eats an apple, the subject is not a common noun. If we are writing in a general tone like a girl loves mango, here, the subject is a common noun. Noun, whether it is a proper or common noun, can refer it from any living or non-living inanimate or animate—common noun help in abstracting ideas and concept whether its purpose is conveying or understanding. For example, if we are using aunt in a sentence, it implies that a writer tries to explain something about family. The word 'aunt' is a common noun until we change it into a proper noun such as Aunt Jennifer. A common noun is generalized as compared to a pronoun. For example, if we are writing names of the months like January, may, march, we will call them a proper noun. If we use only a word month instead of their specification, we will consider it a common noun. Typically, common are always be the subject of the sentence that writes at the beginning of the sentence.

Just Go With It!

Add a common noun that makes sense to go with each adjective.

Change Up

Change the form of all of these nouns.

What Is it?

Write whether the noun is a person, place, or thing.

Classify and Use It

Write whether each noun is common or proper. Then use it in a sentence, capitalizing the proper nouns correctly.

How Many?

How many nouns can you find in the picture? Write them on the lines.


Determine which in each pair is classified as common.

What Is the Purpose?

Find the role of each of the words when you use them in a sentence.

Blue and Yellor

Those are the colors you will need for this worksheet.

The Underlining

Classify each underlined word.

Proper Conversion

Convert each of these words to a more general setting.

Be Bold

Classify each bold word in the sentences.

Place It

Which box does each word belong to?


Make these sentence much less specific in nature.

Label Them

Label the purpose of each word where it sits.

Pull It Out

Make sense of each of the words in the mix of sentences.