Conjunction Worksheets

What are Conjunctions?

In English grammar, conjunctions are words or phrases that are used to connect two sentences that look odd if written separated by a punctuation mark. In many circumstances, two sentences make better grammar and semantic sense if written together with a conjunction in the middle rather than being separated by, let's say, a full stop. When the speaker needs to tell about two mutually exclusive events that impact each other and are associated by any means, they will use conjunctions to join the two sentences. There are many conjunctions among which, 'and' is the most commonly used one.

Identify Conjunctions

The exercises identify conjunctions and what word they join.

Find the Connection

What word makes the connection in the sentence?

Circle and Hunt

In the following sentences, circle the conjunctions and underline the words they connect.

What's the Conjunction?

The student must provide the correct conjunction.

Make Sense

The conjunctions in the sentences below are wrong. Rewrite the sentences, using a conjunction which makes sense.

The Big Fix

See where the author tripped up and fix their work..

What's Wrong?

Find exactly where the writer lost the reader and fix it.

Multiple Choice

Choose the conjunction that best completes each sentence.

Which Word?

The student selects the conjunction from multiple choice.

Plug the Hole

There is a hole in these sentences. Fill them.