Future Tense Worksheets

What is the Future Tense?

When we need to use future state or activity in our writing, we often use future tense. After all, it is a verb tense. For example, Alex will swim in a pool. The sentence shows future activity or action. Jackson will be happy. The sentence is expressing a future state of being. When an action takes place, the tense of a verb determines. The three main tenses are the present tense, past tense, and the future tense, as these are the only ones upon which the English language-based. Types of the future tense with examples Future tense depends on the status of the action as it is in progressive form or completed form. It is the aspect of a verb. The future tense itself has four types. Simple Future Tense - We use it for future actions such as Selam will go to the park, or Mellissa will celebrate her birthday by flying to Chicago. Future progressive tense - We use this type of future tense for ongoing action. For example, Jennifer will be going to the hospital, or the New York State Circus will be performing in Brooklyn for the next three weeks. Future perfect tense - We use this tense to describe an action that will have been occurring in the future. Jackson will have gone, or all family members will have finished the meal and gossips by the time guest arrive. Future perfect progressive - it refers to ongoing action that will be completed in the future at a particular time.


Fill in the missing tense - either present or future - for each verb below. Follow the example.

Very Simple

Write the simple future form of each verb below.

Change Over

Turn each phrase below into a sentence using simple perfect tense.

Transform Me

Turn each phrase into a sentence using the simple future form.

Write About Your Future

Write 5 sentences about things you plan to do in the future.

Verb Shifts

Rewrite each sentence, changing the verb to simple future tense.

Less Complicated

Complete each sentence with the simple future tense of the verb in parentheses.


The future continuous tense indicates that something will occur in the future and continue for an expected length of time

Using Context

Use the information provided in parentheses.

Complete It

Complete each sentence with the future perfect form of the verb in parentheses.

Perfect Continuous

Complete each sentence with the future perfect continuous form of the verb in parentheses.

Writing About the Future

Respond to each scenario using the proper tense.

Being Appropriate

Answer each question using the appropriate future tense.

My Practice

Write two sentences for each prompt.

Second Sentence

Finish each second sentence using the correct future tense.