Object Pronouns Worksheets

What Are Object Pronouns?

Pronouns are the words that are used for referring to a specific person or a place. These words replace nouns in a sentence in an attempt to avoid repetition. When discussing pronouns, we need to discuss what object pronouns are. Object pronouns are a form of personal pronoun that is usually used as a grammatical object. These can be used as a preposition’s object or as a direct/indirect object of a verb. Whether used as a direct object or an indirect object, these pronouns always take the object case. The seven primary forms of pronouns include I, You, He, She, It, We, and They. These are the versions of subjective pronouns. When we are discussing the object pronouns, I become Me; He becomes Him, She becomes Her, We become Us, and They become Them. It and You stay the same.

A Good Place

Use an object pronoun in place of a person or thing that is acted upon or that receives the action of the verb in the sentence.

The Match

Match each subject pronoun to its corresponding object pronoun.

Sentences with Them

Unscramble each sentence. Write it correctly on the line.


Circle every word below that is an object pronoun.

Italicized Nouns

Complete each sentence with the object pronoun that goes with the italicized noun(s) in the first column.

Writing with Them

Correct the pronoun error by rewriting each sentence.


: Using the pictures as inspiration, write four original sentences that use object pronouns.

Subject and Object Pronouns

Fill in the missing subject pronoun. Use the clue in parentheses.

Write with Subject

An object pronoun in used place of a person or thing that is acted upon or that receives the action of the verb in the sentence.


Sort the pronouns in each sentence into the correct columns.

Circle and Underline

Read the sentences. Circle the object pronoun in the second sentence that replaces the underlined word or words.

Where Are They?

Circle all that you can find.


Rewrite each sentence to replace the underlined word(s).

Subject or Object

Choose the correct pronoun to complete each sentence. Then, on the line to the right, write whether the pronoun you used is a subject or object pronoun.

Composing Sentences

Write two sentences that use both subject and object pronouns.